June 22:

Primary Election

November 2:

General Election


Petition Deadlines for November 2 General Election 

February 16: First day for signing designating petitions 


March 22 to March 25: Dates for filing designating petitions

Caucus Deadlines for November 2 General Election


February 16First day to hold a town/village caucus


July 22Last day for filing nominations made at a town/village caucus or by a party committee


NOTE: The Working Families Party DOES NOT caucus for Towns or Villages.


For March 16, 2021 Village Election Dates, check with Board of Elections


The three main responsibilities of a County Committee are….

  1. Circulate nominating petitions

  2. Attend bi-annual County Committee meetings

  3. Help find local candidates​

Circulate petitions (for yourself and local candidates):

  • Every two years Committee Members must circulate a petition for their own seats    

  • Voter lists will be provided to you listing people who are able to sign in your area

  • Candidate information may also be provided for you to share

Attend County Committee Meetings (in person or via Zoom):

  • County Committee Meetings are held at least twice each year, usually in Mayville

  • These meetings help the “county” party to organize and/or endorse candidates

  • Zoom meetings have been used during the Covid-19 Pandemic (assistance is available)

Helpful Committee Members Also: 

  • Help organize local events (for the Democratic Party or individual candidates):

  •  You may become involved with individual campaigns (Sheriff, Mayor, Council, DA, etc.)

  • You may assist with a local fundraiser, committee dinner, etc.

  • Help find local candidates to run for office

  • You may talk with your friends/neighbors about running for a local office

  • Town, Village, City and County level offices all need candidates (depending on where you live)

  • Assist candidates who run for local office

  • You may offer to make phone calls, carry literature door-to-door, write post cards, etc.

  • You may volunteer to work at a local party Headquarters

  • Assist with a local party caucus

  • Some Villages and Towns host a local Party Caucus to nominate their candidates (caucus packets are provided with information about how to organize the caucus)



Robert's Rules of Order

Committee meetings follow Robert's Rules of Order. Click above for a handy brief guide

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