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Anyone wishing to run for public office in Chautauqua County on the Democratic line is encouraged to reach out to the Democratic Committee via e-mail at  The list of offices up for nomination is available by clicking the button above and at VOTECHAUTAUQUA.COM. We'll answer questions and put you in contact with the leader for the thirteen villages, twenty-seven towns, two cities or the county level position.  The Democratic Committee in Chautauqua County is a bottom-up organization where the local committees recruit candidates and the county committee supports the local committees and its candidates with information and guidance.  


Persons wishing to run for elective office may be nominated by the local Democratic Committee through the filing of a designating nominating petition with a sufficient amount of signers.  The petition will be prepared by experts from the county committee and will be circulated by town or city committee members for endorsed candidates only.  


However, most Chautauqua County town and village nominations are made at a party caucus. A caucus is an open meeting of a town or village’s political party at which candidates are nominated for elective office. Caucuses are set by the town chair (cities may only run candidates by the filing of designating petitions). Only residents of the town or village who are enrolled members of the party may participate in the caucus. 


Only enrolled members of a party qualified to vote for an office may be placed on designating petitions. A nomination of a non-party may be approved to run as Democrats and if approved by the party must file a certificate of authorization, signed and acknowledged by the presiding officer and the secretary of the Democratic meeting at which the authorization is given. A certificate of authorization is not needed for nominations resulting from a caucus or for a candidate for a judicial office. Candidates not enrolled in the party nominating them must file an acceptance.

Political Calendar Dates for 2021

June 22:

Primary Election

November 2:

General Election


Petition Deadlines for November 2 General Election 

February 23: First day to accept signatures for  designating petitions 


March 29 to April 1: Filing period for filing designating petitions

Caucus Deadlines for November 2 General Election


February 23First day to hold a town/village caucus


July 22Last day for filing nominations made at a town/village caucus or by a party committee


NOTE: The Working Families Party DOES NOT caucus for Towns or Villages.


For March 16, 2021 Village Election Dates, check with Board of Elections

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